The Dragon’s Chips

Dragon Fruit Chips

From Amazon region came for you, the most delicious way to enjoy a healthy snack. Yellow Pitahaya are really sweet and delicious. Our process doesn’t have sugar added, fried process or preservatives.

You can enjoy all dragon fruit benefits for digestion and healthy lifestyle in one bag, so simple, so delicious.

The Dragon’s Chips

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For Amazon Palora Ecuador farmers, Dragon Fruit represents 80% of their activity, Healthy Leben works for having a high value product that can have more stability and can pay the same rate all year around. We have a fair pay with farmers and helps to establish income amount for all year.

The Dragon’s Chips


Dragon Fruit has 25% vitamin C, fiber. It is functional and nutraceutical food, the best known benefit being its antioxidant capacity, due to the fact that its seeds have a high content of fatty acids natural, especially linoleic acid, in addition the oil of its seeds has an effect laxative.

Relieves stomach problems
Improves the functioning of the digestive tract
Helps lower blood cholesterol
Regulates blood sugar levels
Prevents iron deficiency anemia
Reduces pressure high blood
Reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke
Ideal for diets weight loss
Relieves symptoms of colds and flu
Helps in training
reduces uric acid levels

The Dragon’s Chips

Pitaya Breakfast Bowl

Eat it for breakfast to start your day off on the right foot, or add protein powder to turn it into the ideal post-workout snack. Using dragón fruit chips , sprinkle on the recipe’s recommended bee pollen, berries, and cacao nibs to turn your bowl into a nutritional powerhouse. Use greek yogurt or oat and vegetable milk.